Room to breath with Carina and Julia from y.lab

y.lab is a yoga studio and co-working space just one floor below our Kaffeetschi office in the 6th district of Vienna. The studio opened a couple of weeks after we had moved in and we immediately fell in love with its welcoming and minimalistic interior and the two lovely founders, Carina and Julia. We sat down over a Kaffeetschi and asked them to share their journey with us. Here’s their story. 


y.lab developed out of a deep friendship. The idea took shape during many conversations around “why we do the things we do” and “why we work for the companies we work for” and a shared passion for yoga.

Yet, when Carina and Julia simultaneously started yoga teacher training, “we were not thinking about starting a studio. The intention was merely to deepen our own yoga practice.”

It then comes as no surprise that when the idea to create something together was formed, it started with a vision, not a business plan.

“Having the courage to talk about it was the first step,” Julia says. “With each passing month the idea grew and after about a year we started looking for properties.”



The place that felt right was a bright loft in a red brick building in Vienna’s 6th district that functioned as a silk factory in the 18th century. “Finding the right space was really important to us.” The two of them picked all of the furniture for the studio themselves and there is a story behind every item. “When I look at the lamps, I recall a fun visit to a tiny store in the 5th district and its quirky owner. We bought most of the furniture in vintage stores so now there is a memory attached to how each piece found its way to us,” says Carina.

The space they created feels warm and calming. “I think the secret lies in the details. Many small things add up to a whole. Each piece of furniture, the lamps, the plants - they all stand for themselves, but together they create an atmosphere that helps us to let go and connect with ourselves in our yoga practice”

Carina’s and Julia’s favourite interior design and furniture shops in Vienna:

BANANAS, Kettenbrückengasse 15, 1050 Vienna,

DIE WOHNUNG – Vintage Interieur, Liniengasse 15, 1060 Vienna,

StattGarten, Kettenbrückengasse 14, 1050 Vienna,


Carina and Julia teach various yoga classes at y.lab, from gentle flow classes to dynamic flows in the dark. Look at their current schedule here:

The space is also available for rent as an event location. For co-working and event requests contact the founders: